West Clermont Update: Nov-Dec 2012

Following a third levy defeat of the 60-40% variety, West Clermont has much to ponder going forward. The community continues to be fractured along many lines, and it was on display at this month’s board meetings. The district will be borrowing from future revenues in order to maintain its current service levels, and will have to make cuts or concessions in 2013. Continue reading


Commentary: Building A Sense Of Community In West Clermont

(Editor’s Note: This is a commentary on West Clermont Schools by community member John McGraw. The piece is published in its entirety, with only two small spelling and formatting changes. If you have an article you wish to publish, please send to scschools@yahoo.com)

On November 6th, West Clermont voters overwhelmingly voted down the operating levy placed on the ballot by the West Clermont School Board.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. The definition of foolishness is not knowing the definition of insanity. I am very disappointed for the children of the district and for my own kids who attend West Clermont Schools.  Continue reading

Commentary: West Clermont Levy Failure A Failure of Leadership?

(Editor’s Note: This is a commentary on West Clermont Schools by community member Stuart Kennedy. The piece is unedited except for two small spelling changes and has been published in its entirety. If you have an article you wish to publish, send an email to scschools@yahoo.com.)


The West Clermont School Levy failed to pass by a 60/40 vote.  This was no surprise since the prior two 7.9 mill levies also failed by a 60/40 vote.  The school board met the day after the election to discuss their options to handle the over $2,000,000 deficit this school year and the projected $6,000,000 deficit next year. Continue reading

Calling an Audible

I have often commented that schools are following “The Playbook.” It’s conjecture. A hypothesis. I am not involved at all in the internal workings of School Board lore nor can I boast that I have read their voluminous handbook, although the OSBA rep I met today says “I look familiar.” I can hear Jeff Foxworthy now, “You maight bee a School Board Member if…” Continue reading

Did Forest Hills get it right?

In the current state of the economy, it’s hard not to point to an industry that’s not struggling with budget issues. The schools in our state are struggling financially, especially now that the B12 vitamin shot of federal stimulus has worn off. There have been many new teacher/staff contracts recently that have implemented salary freezes in the name of financial responsibility, but did not actually “freeze” pay of the employees. Continue reading