New Richmond Is Shrinking

The latest release of the 2012 School Report Cards is not the end of the road, but there are some interesting bits of information to gather from them. There has been debate about the accuracy and overall validity of these measuring sticks at this site, but also from the entity that puts them out. That’s not the focus of this article, as it will be brought up in the near future. Instead it’s the enormous drop in enrollment in New Richmond Schools. Continue reading


West Clermont August Recap 2012

Another summer has passed us by, filling us with anticipation of another school levy on the ballot in November. Third time may be a charm for some things, but not in this case and never in this fashion. For those who believe hope springs eternal, I envy your optimism, but will trump your pair of hearts with a full house of incapable leadership. Continue reading

Ohio Public Education: Is There Fire?

I’m not a big fan of cliché’s, but I’m not sure what would fit here anyway other than there’s smoke. The public education system in this state seems to be a hodge-podge of everything. The school funding system has a myriad of components that is driven by political and economic forces, rather than education. The Dept. of Education and Legislature provide all kinds of policies and mandates, and in many cases doesn’t fund them. Each new administration prescribes updated curriculum standards that the schools have to find additional resources to pay for (which typically means the taxpayer has to find resources).  Yet, most of what we are supposed to teach hasn’t changed in centuries. Go figure that today’s 21st century education  neglects the other twenty. It’s no wonder why we seem so lost. Continue reading

The Money Scramble

It’s not that it’s surprising that certain districts cheat. The Atlanta Cheating Scandal I would guess reaches farther than just Sherman’s old stomping grounds. How widespread we’ll never know. Districts cheat to prop themselves up, while at the same time try to hide that the system in many respects is failing the children. Continue reading