New Richmond Is Shrinking

The latest release of the 2012 School Report Cards is not the end of the road, but there are some interesting bits of information to gather from them. There has been debate about the accuracy and overall validity of these measuring sticks at this site, but also from the entity that puts them out. That’s not the focus of this article, as it will be brought up in the near future. Instead it’s the enormous drop in enrollment in New Richmond Schools. Continue reading


Ohio 2012 School Report Cards (take 2?)

From what’s been written, these are preliminary. It still hinges on the final outcome of the investigation by the Auditor’s Office, but from that article it will remain politically charged regardless. The issuance was done to provide information for those districts with levies on the ballot. The spreadsheet of all Ohio Schools reported is here: 2012 Ohio School Report cards, but I’ve included a quick snapshot of Clermont County below. Continue reading

Urgent! New Alternative To Ohio School Board Association

A few of the people involved with this group have been either profiled or reblogged here before. For those who follow this site, you may have read about OSBA, typically in a negative fashion. Why is that? Perhaps this article may shed some light on that, courtesy of The district may have to follow the state and federal law, but even some educators think No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and other state are either counterproductive or not effective. How are school boards to lead when the tools given them are faulty, and the training they are given is more of a benefit to adults than to children? Continue reading

New Richmond May 2012 Recap

(Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Steve for the attending and reporting on the May meeting)

This meeting was moved to a Thursday rather than the 3rd Monday of the month, and the meeting minutes have not been posted yet, but the archive is here. Continue reading

Public Service Announcement-Part One

Given that summer is upon us, I thought it important to notify everyone about the bulletin put out by the Ohio Department of Ethics earlier this month. Summertime hiring in your district and local government should follow some basic guidelines set forth in this document . Continue reading

New Richmond Update-Better Late Than Never

New Richmond has started off the new year with some interesting items going on. First, the swearing in of two board members David Hawkins (the new VP) and Kim Hayden. Kevin Walriven is now the President of the Board. However, those attending the meetings are not quite sure yet if this is that much of a change from the last board. The meetings have moved to the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm. Continue reading

New Richmond Recap Oct 20

(Editors Note: The New Richmond Meeting Recap for October provided by Dr. Neltner)
The treasurer, Teresa Napier,  went over the 5 year forecast for the district.  This year New Richmond will have a budget surplus of approximately $400,000.  This is primarily due to the retirement of 12 teachers that aren’t being replaced.   Next year the district is projected to have a smaller surplus, even though eight more teachers are slated to retire and won’t be replaced.  From there, New Richmond will be running deficits that are projected to reach 2.3 million in 2015.
There are multiple reasons for the deficits.  Beckjord is slated to close in 2015, resulting in a loss of revenue to the district of close to two million dollars.  New Richmond Schools are also losing revenue due to reduced property valuations.  Values have dropped about 8 % in our area.  Tax delinquencies of $600,000 are now on the books and certainly a sign of the times.  These funds will eventually be collected, but when is the question . 
The projections also looked at the demographics and determined the number of students will decrease over the next 5 years. The district provided no estimate of the future decline or if it would indeed occur.
48  percent of our students are eligible for free lunches.  That figure, along with the increased amount of delinquent taxes, was given as the reason that a levy wouldn’t stand a chance.  Not that New Richmond requires one.  The district maintains $17 million in the bank at this juncture, so it will be able to stand deficits for a number of years if it so chooses.
The superintendent expressed his concern about a bill in Columbus designed to give the parents a choice when picking schools for their children.  In essence, a voucher system.  He urged everyone to oppose it and to call their representatives.


Clermont County School Report Cards 2010-2011

Now that the report cards are in, as reported by the Enquirer, Clermont County can sigh with relief. Although a few districts lost their Excellence with Distinction Rating (West Clermont and Milford), no school graded lower than Effective. New Richmond and Bethel-Tate were the schools that received the highest rating of Excellence with Distinction. The students, teachers, staff and parents deserve credit for the improvement. However, those districts and schools rating Effective do have some work ahead of them in 2011-12. See the ratings below: Continue reading

Quick Recap New Richmond 7-29 meeting

Thanks to EN for covering this meeting.

The board approved a 3 year contract with OPSE for the bus drivers, aids etc.  The contract calls for no hourly increase for 3 years, and the union doesn’t seem to be happy with the arrangement.  Continue reading