New Richmond Is Shrinking

The latest release of the 2012 School Report Cards is not the end of the road, but there are some interesting bits of information to gather from them. There has been debate about the accuracy and overall validity of these measuring sticks at this site, but also from the entity that puts them out. That’s not the focus of this article, as it will be brought up in the near future. Instead it’s the enormous drop in enrollment in New Richmond Schools. Continue reading


Ohio 2012 School Report Cards (take 2?)

From what’s been written, these are preliminary. It still hinges on the final outcome of the investigation by the Auditor’s Office, but from that article it will remain politically charged regardless. The issuance was done to provide information for those districts with levies on the ballot. The spreadsheet of all Ohio Schools reported is here: 2012 Ohio School Report cards, but I’ve included a quick snapshot of Clermont County below. Continue reading

Urgent! New Alternative To Ohio School Board Association

A few of the people involved with this group have been either profiled or reblogged here before. For those who follow this site, you may have read about OSBA, typically in a negative fashion. Why is that? Perhaps this article may shed some light on that, courtesy of The district may have to follow the state and federal law, but even some educators think No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and other state are either counterproductive or not effective. How are school boards to lead when the tools given them are faulty, and the training they are given is more of a benefit to adults than to children? Continue reading

Public Service Announcement-Part One

Given that summer is upon us, I thought it important to notify everyone about the bulletin put out by the Ohio Department of Ethics earlier this month. Summertime hiring in your district and local government should follow some basic guidelines set forth in this document . Continue reading

Clermont County School Report Cards 2010-2011

Now that the report cards are in, as reported by the Enquirer, Clermont County can sigh with relief. Although a few districts lost their Excellence with Distinction Rating (West Clermont and Milford), no school graded lower than Effective. New Richmond and Bethel-Tate were the schools that received the highest rating of Excellence with Distinction. The students, teachers, staff and parents deserve credit for the improvement. However, those districts and schools rating Effective do have some work ahead of them in 2011-12. See the ratings below: Continue reading

School ranking on spending versus performance puts Bethel-Tate #1

The Clermont Sun reported today that Bethel-Tate has bragging rights not only for Clermont County, but for the entire state. The article was written by staff writer Kristen Bednarski, and it explains:

“The data ranked Bethel-Tate first out of 610 schools in the state for highest district productivity, with a score of 98, and second for lowest expenditures per pupil. The district spent $5,770 per student and scored in the 100th percentile academically.

The district productivity index (DPI) was calculated by taking the districts’ report card performance scores and dividing them by its expenditure per pupil. The numbers for these calculations came straight from the Ohio Department of Education report card.”

Statistics are just that, a means of comparison given a particular set of data. However, for all that is distributed by the district on their own budgets and performance, I wonder whether or not the school boards will talk about these numbers? It’s only one way to measure a school against another, but it also shows that money isn’t everything when it comes to education. There are many other factors to the equation of success. Is it class size, teacher and staff quality, economic and social environment, parent and child involvement/motivation? The answer is all of the above, and at present Bethel-Tate seems to have a working formula at least for this moment in time.

Spending the most money doesn’t guarantee results, or the Yankees would be World Champs every year, but leadership and planning can go a long way to a successful year regardless of budget. Let’s hope that the present economic climate will prepare the leadership of these districts to work with the public on a plan towards educational success for the long-term and not just for short-term acclaim.

County results from the Sun article on District Productivity:

 Bethel Tate -1, West Clermont-41, Milford-55, Batavia-106, Goshen-191, Clermont Northeastern-267, New Richmond-347, Felicity-Franklin-369

(Editor’s note: These rankings are out of 610 Ohio districts)