Batavia Results Certified

Information was recently relayed to the site that the final results of Batavia’s levy are in. The Board of Elections has certified the results. Passage was by a mere 95 votes, most of which were cast on election day. Absentee ballots were net 248 against, while provisional ballots were net 52 in favor.   The school board will now move forward on their building plans. They will need to accommodate the number of new students that have migrated there over the last few years, as well as update facilities that were in dire need of upgrading. (Thanks to Michael for the heads up)


Election Night Is Here

Post your comments regarding the three levies on the ballot: Batavia, Milford and West Clermont. Up or down, keep it on topic and what your thoughts are going forward for these districts. If you researched and voted, awesome. If you didn’t and voted, read up as much as you can the next time around. If you didn’t vote…why?

The summary report from the County should be here, but if not I will update the link.

UPDATE: At 8:51, all three districts are down with less than 1/3 of the votes counted. Milford is closest to passing, at 46-54%.

UPDATE: 9:15, over 50% of precincts reporting, and all three districts are on the wrong end of the vote.

UPDATE: Batavia squeaks by, with just a few dozen votes.  Milford fails by just over 300 votes. WC fails by almost 6000 votes.

Buckeye Institute Weighs In On Levies

Clermont County has three levies on the ballot, all different in size and scope. Milford, Batavia and West Clermont residents have received a lot of information from different sources regarding these ballot initiatives. This brief by Greg Lawson is another piece of information to weigh (or not) while thinking about Ohio Schools and funding problems. Continue reading

The Cost of Education: Beauty Is In The Eye of The Checkholder

Below is some interesting information taken from the website Opportunity Ohio’s database, which uses the ODE numbers, regarding Clermont County Schools. For sake of space, I listed only those districts who are on the ballot this November, but this can be done by any school in the state with a little time and a spreadsheet. Would love any comments to what this means to you from whatever perspective you come from. (editors note: thanks to those who compiled the information) Continue reading

West Clermont School Board Update-January 2012

Not a lot to discuss about West Clermont for the opening month of the new year. There is a new feel to the school board with the two new members changing the dynamic from former school employee-oriented, to a more business like approach. It’s my thought that there will be a renewed push in reaching out to the community. As all are aware by now, my candidacy fell short, but don’t cry for me Argentina. I think this site and all of you have had a large impact on the direction of the district. Not only is the district fully aware that we are operating across this county, but they know this site has an enormous impact in West Clermont. So far so good!

The prior board has mentioned this site during their meetings and has questioned why these schools need to be saved. I’m sure that will be clear as the discussion gets more detailed as time goes on. So don’t go anywhere and keep all those emails and phone calls coming, as things are starting to move our direction and towards funding the children first.

To the finer points of the meetings, there is a new president and vice president. Mr. Doug Young ascends to the role as President last held by Dan Krueger, who was not re-elected to the school board. Ms. Denise Smith balances the slate as Vice President. Also, Asst. Superintendent Delgado will remain under contract until July of 2013.

The district is in full levy preparation mode, although the vote will not happen until over the summer, as the June primary will no longer occur and it will not be on the ballot in March. If the district does hold the special election in August, it will have to pay to cover all election expenses out of its own pocket with our tax dollars. This expense most likely will cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’m not sure they can do differently to change the prior failure, as there were plenty of levy signs, letters and an anti-issue 2 electorate that should have brought out a better outcome than 40-60 against. I’m sure there will be plenty of coverage at the board meetings.

The new members and leadership changes may assist in that effort, but it remains to be seen how many of the board members will actively support its passage unless some major changes are made to the way the district operates. Does it require this kind of change? That took a natural disaster, but the turnaround has been remarkable. It doesn’t take revolution like that to make a better district, but other local districts are definitely trying to work with the public, rather than hide the decision-making process behind closed doors. I’d love to see a roadmap for the district, rather than the same 5 year forecast of dread that provides little insight beyond the fact we can’t meet the following years’ projections.

If you have a resolution for the district you want to come true, go ahead and leave them here for all to see. We’ll compare at the end of the year if those pesky Mayans will allow it.

Election Recap Nov 8th 2011

With all the national coverage, it’s hard not to notice that Issue 2 (SB5) was easily repealed and thus keeping the status quo on collective bargaining for public employees.

 School Board Election Results: Below are the board members elected (or re-elected) in each district. Terms are for four years, and the next election for board members is two years from now.

 Loveland : Arthur Jarvis and Kathryn M. Lorenz

 Batavia : Michael Enriquez and Karen R. Royer

Bethel-Tate : Barb Leonard  and Buffy L. Clements

Clermont NE : Mike Freeman, Robert M. Havrilla and Emily K. McCarthy

Felicity-Franklin : Steve Weber and Aaron Taylor

Goshen: Randy Haas  and Nancy Journeay

Milford: George A. Lucas  and Robert Hewlett

New Richmond : David S. Hawkins and Kim Hayden

West Clermont : Tammy Brinkman and Tina Sanborn