Your Child: Political Pawn or Student

Several generations ago the communist party of America developed a 50 part plan to take over America from the inside, learning that America could never be conquered any other way. Using students on college campuses to riot and force social education changes while capturing the minds of other students was priority method chosen in the 60′ and 70’s. So these students planned and started violent riots, injuring many policemen, firefighters and other students. I was there. Education for many others was disrupted severely. At Kent State, when National Guardsmen feared for their very lives, they opened fire on the radicals. End of riots. The radicals did not achieve their goal. They begin to bomb police stations and even military facilities they were so radical and filled with hate for America. Continue reading


Goshen Students in Danger

Even though the Common Core lessons have started in schools there are now states that are pulling back and pulling out of Common Core. What is being realized is that the federally designed and back-door funded program lowers the bar, confuses students and teachers, creates useless report cards, and last but most dangerous it creates psychological profiles on each student that can be used against them in their future when seeking jobs and maybe even purchasing items. The governor of Florida has ordered the withdraw from the Common Core student testing,0,1294522.story . Goshen has done well in placement in the state of Ohio. I urge the parents of Goshen Warriors to check into and stop the common core testing immediately and begin to seek input on common core now before Goshen goes backwards. There are sites that have correct info on Common Core. Schools will not give you answers. You can find info in the Clermont County Tea Party site or the site. Don’t let Goshen begin to crank out canned students who will be confused, profiled, and be behind at least 25 other countries in the world as we are now. India has more honor students than the whole United States has students. Let’s not go backwards with common core. It would be best if Goshen could be independent to create their own competitive teaching programs and tests. You have the staff and teachers to do just that.