Buckeye Institute Weighs In On Levies

Clermont County has three levies on the ballot, all different in size and scope. Milford, Batavia and West Clermont residents have received a lot of information from different sources regarding these ballot initiatives. This brief by Greg Lawson is another piece of information to weigh (or not) while thinking about Ohio Schools and funding problems. Continue reading


The Cost of Education: Beauty Is In The Eye of The Checkholder

Below is some interesting information taken from the website Opportunity Ohio’s database, which uses the ODE numbers, regarding Clermont County Schools. For sake of space, I listed only those districts who are on the ballot this November, but this can be done by any school in the state with a little time and a spreadsheet. Would love any comments to what this means to you from whatever perspective you come from. (editors note: thanks to those who compiled the information) Continue reading

Batavia Adds Levy To November Ballot

West Clermont, Milford, and now Batavia are set for November 2012. Levy season is closely approaching, and once school starts get ready for the sell. Batavia is unique of the three, as its levy is both bond and operating for a total of 7.26 mils. This would cost the $100K homeowner $222.34 per year, with the majority of that going to support building upgrades for the growing district. Continue reading