West Clermont December Update 2012

It is official that Dr. Brooks is leaving West Clermont. The board voted this evening to move forward without him and approved new job descriptions for a new administrative team. One that may in fact come with an organizational chart to, well, organize a district in disarray. After a myriad of cuts and levy defeats, perhaps a new team will be able to do what other administrators were not able to convince the district to do: Get its act together.  Continue reading


West Clermont Update: Nov-Dec 2012

Following a third levy defeat of the 60-40% variety, West Clermont has much to ponder going forward. The community continues to be fractured along many lines, and it was on display at this month’s board meetings. The district will be borrowing from future revenues in order to maintain its current service levels, and will have to make cuts or concessions in 2013. Continue reading

Commentary: Building A Sense Of Community In West Clermont

(Editor’s Note: This is a commentary on West Clermont Schools by community member John McGraw. The piece is published in its entirety, with only two small spelling and formatting changes. If you have an article you wish to publish, please send to scschools@yahoo.com)

On November 6th, West Clermont voters overwhelmingly voted down the operating levy placed on the ballot by the West Clermont School Board.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. The definition of foolishness is not knowing the definition of insanity. I am very disappointed for the children of the district and for my own kids who attend West Clermont Schools.  Continue reading

Goshen School Board Meeting Oct 8, 2012

It seems the community  is seeking to have a huge Christmas this year, and looking for participation in all areas! GO Goshen.  Goshen is advising parents to begin preparing their children and budgets for college as early as the 6th grade. SB member George Rise is helping students with ACT and SAT’s to prepare them for college. This will help Goshen students when they apply to colleges and hopefully won’t need to take remedial courses. We could use George’s input to answer the question of how ready are the students when they come to him, and if not then how to do tweak things so they will be  in the near future. Should ACT and SAT test results be on a state’s report card for the school? Employers would like to see more students take these tests. I would like to see a current ACT and SAT test to see that they are good basic education tests,  and not  injected with political programming. In case of the later we need to take that to the State BOE and get them cleaned up. On another subject has the number of teachers and helpers increased to an unaffordable level for the taxpayers, with all the testing and help being applied to meet federal standards? Continue reading

Goshen School Board Recap 9/10/12

The meeting started with a moment of silence and the pledge. Third graders are getting ready to take reading tests, and intervention will be applied where necessary. SB members will be able to get info electronically before and after meetings so they can be better prepared, and to save costs of paper, all starting in November. The Summer Program for Goshen students was better attended this summer, and plenty of help was available, and the program events were reviewed. Continue reading

West Clermont August Recap 2012

Another summer has passed us by, filling us with anticipation of another school levy on the ballot in November. Third time may be a charm for some things, but not in this case and never in this fashion. For those who believe hope springs eternal, I envy your optimism, but will trump your pair of hearts with a full house of incapable leadership. Continue reading

Extended Coverage-Bethel Tate

Emails come in all the time about why certain schools are covered more than others. Some districts just have more interest or more problems, but also it’s about coverage. Unless there are enough people to attend or report on meetings, there isn’t much coverage beyond the minutia from traditional media school press releases. Enter Bethel-Tate, and moving forward there will be additional coverage and insight. Continue reading

West Clermont June Recap 2012

(Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to take our Survey!)  Although it’s summer, and a global warming theorist’s dream,  there is a lot going on in WestClermontville. So much, that you may as well grab a cold beverage, or put up your spare igloo, and chill out with the latest district recap.  Continue reading

Batavia Facilities Update

If you live in Batavia, you’ve heard a lot about the shortcomings of a couple of the buildings in the district. The Elementary school is quite old, and the Middle school is no spring chicken either. With the enrollment at a peak and without any wiggle room, the district has made upgrading the facilities a priority for the last few years. Continue reading