West Clermont

West Clermont School District 2011-12

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The West Clermont
School District Report

Students: Approximately 8400

  • 8 Elementary Schools
  • 2 Middle Schools
  • 2 High Schools (Amelia and Glen Este)
  • School Web Sites

Administrative Staff

Board of Education: Bio Page

  • Doug Young, President
  • Denise Smith, Vice President
  • JoAnn Beamer
  • Tina Sanborn
  • Tammy Brinkmann

Contact information:contact_wcs@westcler.org
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST
Monday through Friday
4350 Aicholtz Road Suite 220
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
Telephone 513-943-5000
Fax: 513-752-6158


6 comments on “West Clermont

  1. After reviewing the WC Survey results, I found no information on what people based their decision regarding “right track” versus “wrong track”. Why not have a line for each question to capture thoughts based on the decision with a “Your Decision Based On” entry line. If we are going to submit a survey, it would be very enligtening regarding thoughts..

    Attended the 10am Listening Meeting last week and found it to be enlightening, particularly the thoughts submitted by each table.

  2. I asked a question at the end of the session of “What’s next” and there was an apparent fumbling by the “facilitator”. I have facilitated before and this was not facilitation but a listening session.. I was approached by Doug Young after the session regarding my question and offered my thoughts of catagorizing the feedback, analyize the with stats/pattern of thoughts, prioritize from the analysis then publish for discussion. No apparent followup yet. Anybody seen anything?

    • Thanks for your comment. There will be a report presented by the OSBA consultant at the next board meeting on May 29th. What exactly that report will say and the format is anyone’s guess at this point. My understanding is that from that information there will be some type of action either through the board itself or via creating a “community group” to assist in creating a roadmap for the district. How the board intends to get there without serious financial considerations is another story. I am still under the impression that the district needs to either make additional cuts to staff/services or raise the equivalent in order to keep on budget. It was alluded to last night at the board meeting, but the extent of the cuts and the timeframe were not mentioned according to my recollection. Note, however, the district still maintains a Low Fund Balance designation, and has no cash reserve at it is supposed to have according to the state. A board member did bring up the idea of concessions by the staff in order to provide some relief, and according to the district leadership that opportunity will present itself next year when the contracts are slated to expire. There were a number of positions that were filled last night from staff members who are retiring, so either the district feels that it can no longer cut staff or does not see the budget situation as that dire and has room to maneuver with its current finances.

  3. Was there mention of how the report will be presented ? Submitting the report on the West Clermont District web site would be a positive. Looks like I will have to attend the May 29th meeting.

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