Goshen School District 2010-11

Students: Approximately 2600

Administrative Staff

Board of Education:

  • John Gray, President
  • Sue Steele, Vice-President
  • Tom Bixler
  • George Rise
  • TJ Corcoran

Contact information:

6694 Goshen Road
Goshen, OH 45122
(513) 722-2222
SaveClermontSchools Contact:
Calvin Pauley: cpauley@cinci.rr.com

5 comments on “Goshen

  1. At the Goshen School Board Meeting, Aug 8th, 2011
    it was announced that Goshen school test grades for 4th grade math and reading, 5th grade math, 6th grade reading, and 8th grade science and reading were the highest of any school in Clermont County. The union is asking all teachers to join what is called a “professional community, where all teachers will need to obtain a masters degree.

  2. At this meeting the main topics were that another “Master Teacher” was promoted, pre-K curriculums were changed to align with school core, a reading-tutor program, consisting mainly of volunteers, was created (Project More) in which each child will have an individualized training program developed for them, and that a major change in standard core education was occurring and will move some education from the high school levels down to lower levels of school. Also some high school classes, such as a chemical class, will be counted as a college credit at a particular college. Race to the Top is being done here and the teacher union leader determines where the funds go.

  3. At the Goshen School Board meeting on March 12th, 2012, it was announced that a play will be held at the high school, and all proceeds will go toward purchasing a new wheelchair for Austin, a well- liked student who has worn out his old one. Goshen High School’s humble wrestling superstar ” Chaz” was in attendance, and his exceptional accomplishments were duly noted and applauded. Also it was stated that twice as many students now are taking the AP course so that they can get better ACT scores when testing for college. Union leader Barbara announced a STRS seminar was scheduled for March 15th for those needing more info on it. The school board attended a seminar hosted by Live Oaks,and it addressed many things, and there was a lecture on “Bridges for a Just Community” given by a Live Oaks employee during that day. I don’t know what a “just community” is . Teacher testing and report cards are starting up to try to insure teacher quality. My thoughts after this meeting were that curriculums are being pushed to lower grades at a time when the students are not being given time to excel in the basics. Also why would students have to practice ACT and SAT testing? Are we not doing a good job of informing students that if the want to go to college they must take the necessary courses and make the necessary proficiencies in those courses? I also asked if, because of accepting STRS, is the school totaling handing over control of student curriculum to the federal goverment. I was assured that is not the case. My summary, after a few meetings, is that too many tests are being taken at great expense of time and money. We are using testing and extra classes to help students, who didn’t get the compacted info in class, to get caught up. Are we giving ourselves a pass on making sure that every student can and do get the basic courses successfully in grade schools during class time in grade school and jr. high ? And why do all teachers need to have a Master’s degree to teach grades one thru 12? Can we afford that, along with the extra testing and paperwork logistics that go along with that? Just asking.

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