Batavia Results Certified

Information was recently relayed to the site that the final results of Batavia’s levy are in. The Board of Elections has certified the results. Passage was by a mere 95 votes, most of which were cast on election day. Absentee ballots were net 248 against, while provisional ballots were net 52 in favor.   The school board will now move forward on their building plans. They will need to accommodate the number of new students that have migrated there over the last few years, as well as update facilities that were in dire need of upgrading. (Thanks to Michael for the heads up)


Election Night Is Here

Post your comments regarding the three levies on the ballot: Batavia, Milford and West Clermont. Up or down, keep it on topic and what your thoughts are going forward for these districts. If you researched and voted, awesome. If you didn’t and voted, read up as much as you can the next time around. If you didn’t vote…why?

The summary report from the County should be here, but if not I will update the link.

UPDATE: At 8:51, all three districts are down with less than 1/3 of the votes counted. Milford is closest to passing, at 46-54%.

UPDATE: 9:15, over 50% of precincts reporting, and all three districts are on the wrong end of the vote.

UPDATE: Batavia squeaks by, with just a few dozen votes.  Milford fails by just over 300 votes. WC fails by almost 6000 votes.

Buckeye Institute Weighs In On Levies

Clermont County has three levies on the ballot, all different in size and scope. Milford, Batavia and West Clermont residents have received a lot of information from different sources regarding these ballot initiatives. This brief by Greg Lawson is another piece of information to weigh (or not) while thinking about Ohio Schools and funding problems. Continue reading

Ohio 2012 School Report Cards (take 2?)

From what’s been written, these are preliminary. It still hinges on the final outcome of the investigation by the Auditor’s Office, but from that article it will remain politically charged regardless. The issuance was done to provide information for those districts with levies on the ballot. The spreadsheet of all Ohio Schools reported is here: 2012 Ohio School Report cards, but I’ve included a quick snapshot of Clermont County below. Continue reading

Food Fight-Students Take A Stand (Ends 10-12-12)

It’s not what you think. No mass hysteria and flying projectiles interrupting a school day, but there is a bit on controversy nationally on the changes to school lunches. Yes, the number of free and reduced lunches being served is growing with the economy on life support. Even from what was reported here way back in 2011. But the recent turmoil stems from what is being served, and apparently the kids (and many parents) don’t like it. It’s national, as you can read here. The few kids I spoke to locally and in a few other states provided the same feedback. Continue reading

The Cost of Education: Beauty Is In The Eye of The Checkholder

Below is some interesting information taken from the website Opportunity Ohio’s database, which uses the ODE numbers, regarding Clermont County Schools. For sake of space, I listed only those districts who are on the ballot this November, but this can be done by any school in the state with a little time and a spreadsheet. Would love any comments to what this means to you from whatever perspective you come from. (editors note: thanks to those who compiled the information) Continue reading

A Thought About School IssuesThis Fall

As the school year inches closer, the rhetoric over impending election issues will begin to ramp up. There are a couple of issues that schools will face in the coming election. Redistricting and the levies put on by Batavia, Milford and West Clermont. After the jump is some additional background on the issues that face our educators and our schools. Continue reading

Urgent! New Alternative To Ohio School Board Association

A few of the people involved with this group have been either profiled or reblogged here before. For those who follow this site, you may have read about OSBA, typically in a negative fashion. Why is that? Perhaps this article may shed some light on that, courtesy of The district may have to follow the state and federal law, but even some educators think No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and other state are either counterproductive or not effective. How are school boards to lead when the tools given them are faulty, and the training they are given is more of a benefit to adults than to children? Continue reading

Batavia Adds Levy To November Ballot

West Clermont, Milford, and now Batavia are set for November 2012. Levy season is closely approaching, and once school starts get ready for the sell. Batavia is unique of the three, as its levy is both bond and operating for a total of 7.26 mils. This would cost the $100K homeowner $222.34 per year, with the majority of that going to support building upgrades for the growing district. Continue reading

Last Call For Surveys

Hard to believe that it’s almost over, but there is only one week left for our first ever Clermont County School Districts Survey. I had considered pushing the date back a month, as summer is a bad time for people even thinking about school issues. Unlike the phone surveys that the schools use, this one takes a little more effort. Continue reading