Save Clermont Schools is a non-partisan effort to provide transparency and accountability in the education system in all districts in Clermont County. With school funding falling more and more to local taxpayers, the public school system is facing tough choices in how it will provide education going forward. The debate revolves around how each district will achieve fiscal security while justifying spending, being responsibile with levies, and retaining successful teachers.


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  1. Came across your website and was curious that you had my blogs prominently posted on your site. Anything Education Action Group can do to be helpful in Ohio?

  2. We’re always open to suggestions if you have any, but we’re also considering changing the domain and look for next year. The posts are all SCS because that’s how it was registered when I started the site and you are first person to comment on this subject.

    • I’ve yet to have anyone ask about Felicity other than a friend of mine who attended a meeting once. They didn’t seem to have much in the way of attendence from the public, but if someone wants to attend and report, I’d be happy to add them.

  3. The Loveland School Board has decided to partener with Best Buy for electronic deals for Loveland Students. Best Buy is a SPONSOR OF CAIR. CAIR IS A TERRORIST COVER ORGANIZATION. I have sent three emails to the Loveland School Board members and they will not stop this plan. This is not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL. it violates the Loveland School District By-Laws. CAN you Advise!?

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