Your Child: Political Pawn or Student

Several generations ago the communist party of America developed a 50 part plan to take over America from the inside, learning that America could never be conquered any other way. Using students on college campuses to riot and force social education changes while capturing the minds of other students was priority method chosen in the 60′ and 70’s. So these students planned and started violent riots, injuring many policemen, firefighters and other students. I was there. Education for many others was disrupted severely. At Kent State, when National Guardsmen feared for their very lives, they opened fire on the radicals. End of riots. The radicals did not achieve their goal. They begin to bomb police stations and even military facilities they were so radical and filled with hate for America.

Well now these very same people learned that they could infiltrate inside the school systems and attain their goals that way. And now, unbelievably, these same mad people run the schools in America, and with Common Core, they control the very material your child will be reading and writing about. Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers, his friend Howard Zinn (whose hate-America book is now required reading) are two of the hardest core American haters in the planet, and these sorry people are superstars of the world of U.S. Education. Hillary is part of the same circle.This is where your child comes into the story. You see your child can be programmed to believe whatever Bill, Howard, and Hillary wants them too. And in 12 years you will see a noticeable change in voting stats in every election.

Common Core was created to cement the plan to capture your child’s mind. Everything done is school will be about following the plan. Teachers will be tested to make sure they fall in line, and psychological testing on the children will make sure they are getting indoctrinated properly or be re-educated (Russia and China have done this for years).

So what can you do to save a life of freedom and choices for your children, saving the American dream for them?

Take them to see the Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2016 America: where would we be without her” currently in theatres, or buy the movie and save it until they grow old enough to understand it. You and your children need to read the book “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, an incredible short story telling why we have the government set up by the founders. Information like this now forms a protective shield around your child as they go on thru school. Go to school board meetings and get to know everyone, and persuade them to help stop the game of chess by the left and get back to education. Believe me that most of the teachers wish for this. As for colleges it gets even worse because now you pay big bucks and have to stand back and see hard core radicals directly have at it with your child. I dare to suggest that it would be better for college alumni to stop sending money to certain colleges altogether and let them go the way of Detroit rather than let the radicals ruin your child.


2 comments on “Your Child: Political Pawn or Student

  1. If we do not take a stand for our children’s education, this country will be a socialist country influenced currently in colleges besides the future in the K12 system. This is very disturbing and the citizens need a wake up call..

  2. Common core is Socialist core leading to the downfall of human rights by Federal intervention and eventually leading to, god forbid, a possible communist country. Wake up America!

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