Goshen School Board Mtg 12-10-12

The meeting started off with the third graders doing the Pledge of Allegiance. Then each explained the individual projects they brought to the meeting. Each had created a project that involved explaining the history of  Goshen  and some of its famous inhabitants. Community activities for the school kids and their families were discussed. A Goshen teacher named Crystal Mink received congratulations for being the only teacher in the state to win the Milken Award! Wow. Also revisions to the common core standards are being worked on. Weekly web tests will be given and will serve to not only see where each student stands academically but this will also give each some training on computers. On the down side of the SB meeting is the fact that how to achieve strong basics is not being discussed  as a pure goal,  which is something the public is crying for, while each school marches on to the  beat of whatever federal standards they must in order to get a  good government rating and keep the federal money coming.  I don’t see any difference at any Clermont school. I did ask for the definition of “the basics” and was kindly given a decent answer, but you have to search for it. Maybe the basics should be posted on the wall like all of the other ra-ra material in any school, after all it  is the most important thing of all. If any staff thinks otherwise then the schools are not likely  to deliver good competitive students. A full report on all of this is in the works and should be done by February hopefully.


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