Education Turning Plaid

There are great teachers out there [watch the video from the article here]. Plenty of them. Why then does our education system fail in the general sense to produce students prepared for life beyond classroom? For months the “Where’s Waldo” mantra of this site has been extremely critical of parents not being involved in their children’s education and understanding exactly what is being delivered as the final product. Most are happy if their children get A’s and B’s, is well-behaved and is socially accepted by their peers.

That recipe for success is no longer the case, as the education delivered is not what it used to be. For all of the spending on staff salaries, benefits, technology and all the internet provides today’s family, the output from the public school system seems to be a diminishing return. The control of the classroom seems to be moving farther and farther away from the parents or even the teacher, and more to the statehouse and lawyers. Schools have become a litigation minefield in regards to freedom of expression, sexual misconduct by staff, claims of sexism or racism, financial inequality, collective bargaining, and so on. The  Departments of Education nothing more than political meddling and social engineering experiments, only without accountability or moral compass.

With all of the money spent per student, the sky should be the limit compared to the education of yesterday. The limits instead are placed on teachers, parents and students in regards to what the children will learn, how they will learn it, and what will measure it. This article from the Blaze encapsulates the argument that so many Clermont County parents and teachers are going through. What happened to scholarship, teacher-parent partnerships, and putting the child first. The heavy-handed approach of government in regards to schools seems to be doing more harm than good. Local control at the school level serving the students and families that live in these communities is considered “unfair”, because Johnny and Sally the next school over won’t have exactly the same thing. That is true even in the current system in our own school districts, so the only other reason is for control purposes.

No child is exactly like another, and no teacher or school is exactly like another. Instead of placing control in the hands of a few individuals who do not have YOUR child’s best interest at heart, perhaps it should be returned to the parents’ control. Teachers and parents collaborating directly on the education design that best fits that student is the only way to solve this dilemma in the public system. As the video message from the teacher states, “One size doesn’t fit all.”


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