West Clermont December Update 2012

It is official that Dr. Brooks is leaving West Clermont. The board voted this evening to move forward without him and approved new job descriptions for a new administrative team. One that may in fact come with an organizational chart to, well, organize a district in disarray. After a myriad of cuts and levy defeats, perhaps a new team will be able to do what other administrators were not able to convince the district to do: Get its act together. 

There were many administrators present and on display as the internal jockeying for new positions has already begun. The next six months will very well determine the outlook of West Clermont and whether or not the message from the public has been received. Whether or not the district chooses from outside the “Insider’s Club” will be interesting to watch. Place your bets now folks, as the window closes soon.

The district also paid respect to the incident in CT. A friend brought this article to my attention and it is highly recommended you read it in the context of what just occurred.


One comment on “West Clermont December Update 2012

  1. Below is an email I sent concerning the current school board members. Mr. Waldman did reply back stating in the future he would try not to be a distraction. So far no reply from Ms. Brinkman. Pls. read the email and watch the videos of the meetings and you be the judge if what has been happening is acceptable behavior for members of a school board.

    > I wish to thank Dr. Kline, Ms. Cropper and the West Clermont School Board members of Mr. Lewis, Mr. Merchant, and Ms. Sanborn for the professionalism shown in the light of adversity at every school board meeting and work session this year. I have attended the school board meetings for the past 3 plus years about 90% of the time and never have the school board members been so combatant or rude to the other members like Ms. Brinkman(eyes rolling to teachers and principals in the audience and them snickering) and Mr. Waldman. Ms. Brinkman and Mr. Waldman have interrupted, raised their voices, talked over people when they were firing questions at them and been totally disrespectful to the other 3 members. While I would like to believe that if their children behaved in the manner they have displayed that they would disciplined them but I may be wrong. Ms. Brinkman and Mr. Waldmann, pls. review the tapes. It is out there forever
    your rudeness. You can disagree with your fellow board members but being so disagreeable, it reflects on you and not them. Is this truly how you want to be portrayed and remembered???!!! This district teaches our children not to bully but to me Ms. Brinkman’s and Mr. Waldmann’s antics have been bullying. Personnel of the school and school board members should set an example for the children, not the other way around. I wonder if legal action could not be taken. I am not a lawyer but would think that is a possibility.

    > Ms. Brinkman and Mr. Waldmann you both ask a lot of questions but how about some pertinent questions like how this district went from a 20 million dollar projected deficit to a 4 million dollar surplus without new money? You both endorsed the levy requests, championed the tax . How can you explain to the community your endorsement of the levy to people who are struggling to pay their taxes, feed their families, and just exist in light of the information that came out? All on the board represents not only the children but the taxpayers of the community and should be looking to give the children the best educational experience at the least cost to the taxpayers. I don’t see either one of you doing this. You seem to be a rubber stamp of anything and everything asked for without regard to cost.

    > While I do not and have not agreed with 100% the actions or words of the school board members, words and deeds have consequences. When the elections come up I will work to see the people get elected that I believe have tried to give the children the best education and give the taxpayers the best value.
    > Hopefully the next meeting will be more respectful to all people. If you look at the meetings’ tapes, pls. take note of Dr. Kline and Ms. Cropper’s demeanor. They patiently explain their positions. Also, take notice of Mr. Lewis, Mr. Merchant, and Ms. Sanborn waiting and listening patiently when you are speaking. The five of them are great examples of how people with differing opinions can “calmly” discuss issues and ask questions.
    > Sincerely,
    > Judith Kelch

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