West Clermont News Bulletin: Dr. Brooks Resigning

Sources across West Clermont and Clermont County brought this information to the attention of SCS early this morning, and is now posted on the district webpage. The information relayed is that a  communication went out to all staff this morning which stated that with board approval, Dr. Brooks will resign in early spring of 2013. The next board meeting is Monday, Dec. 17th, however, the agenda is typically not set until Friday evening at the earliest. That being said, Dr. Brooks is under contract for 2 years beyond the 2012-13 school year. The assumption is the board would have to release him from that contract with a majority vote. This result, and the retirement of MES-P and non-renewal of Al Delgado would mean practically an entirely new  leadership team for the 2013-14 school year. The lone holdover being newly hired Asst. Super Klein. A reorganization was already in the works, but what impact this will have to the current plan is unknown at this time.  SCS  has reached out to board leadership, but have yet to receive word back on what will happen next. Any new information will be updated as it comes in.


9 comments on “West Clermont News Bulletin: Dr. Brooks Resigning

  1. Jeff, i believe the contract is a non-issue. If a tenured employee retires it ends the contract at that point. The BOE will ok the resignation and we can finally move on. Cropper needs to do the same to complete the house cleaning. The employee e-mail was sent around 10:30 last night. From the things Kline has been saying and doing I think this has been in the works for awhile.

    • I’m not certain either, but otherwise why would there be a vote? Did they vote on MESP leaving early, I don’t recall? All I know is that even outside the Big 3 leaving by end of the year, there have been a lot of folks moving around between GE and Amelia. Wonder why that is? Any idea?

  2. I myself this this is a GREAT idea and is a long time coming. Now get the new board in and see if we can get the levy passed. I also believe he is resigning because the levy didn’t pass and he couldn’t get his raise so good riddance. He made way to much money anyway at the expense of our children’s education.

  3. Why don’t they announce the real reason he is leaving? If they really want to prove that they want to start with a clean slate and transparency – then they need to come clean with everything. He is not leaving by choice.

    • Are you serious? Given the fact that it came out of the blue, staff is being moved all over the place, people moving up their retirements, how can this be considered an issue? The district has documents and pedigrees that show that they are doing everything by the book! By the book! Now if we only knew where that book is…

      As much as it SHOULD happen, it won’t. The self preservation mode has been in effect for years. How would the veteran board members do this without implicating themselves as being complicit? Echoing Rick Santelli again, SHAME ON THEM!

  4. Anon, he is resigning for the purpose of retirement, that is why he is leaving in early spring. He will work 120 days this year and it counts as a full year (2.5%) toward his final retirement pay. Sharline, the transparency we need will not come until Smith, Young and Beamer are gone after next Nov. But we are moving on down the road to recovering from the Brooks disaster. Remember they are three that voted to violate ORC and close the buildings and grounds to the community groups.

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