Your Child: Political Pawn or Student

Several generations ago the communist party of America developed a 50 part plan to take over America from the inside, learning that America could never be conquered any other way. Using students on college campuses to riot and force social education changes while capturing the minds of other students was priority method chosen in the 60′ and 70’s. So these students planned and started violent riots, injuring many policemen, firefighters and other students. I was there. Education for many others was disrupted severely. At Kent State, when National Guardsmen feared for their very lives, they opened fire on the radicals. End of riots. The radicals did not achieve their goal. They begin to bomb police stations and even military facilities they were so radical and filled with hate for America. Continue reading


2014 Overview of Education USA

I hear stories on Drudge, Facebook, Fox, and other truthful sources about school commencement speeches, things going on in school buses, shocking social behavior by teachers, and things being taught and not taught in classrooms. There is outrageous behavior in our schools by school leaders and some employees . Many could actually believe that outrageous behavior by parents to stop this outrageous behavior by school employees and the federal gov’t is now justifiable. Our children’s lives and education depends on the fact that we do act. Let us proceed to stand together to fight harder for discipline, real education standards, and moral leadership. Attend school board meetings, run for the schools board, and say something. Don’t be a doormat for deviant school systems. Pass this on.

Goshen Students in Danger

Even though the Common Core lessons have started in schools there are now states that are pulling back and pulling out of Common Core. What is being realized is that the federally designed and back-door funded program lowers the bar, confuses students and teachers, creates useless report cards, and last but most dangerous it creates psychological profiles on each student that can be used against them in their future when seeking jobs and maybe even purchasing items. The governor of Florida has ordered the withdraw from the Common Core student testing,0,1294522.story . Goshen has done well in placement in the state of Ohio. I urge the parents of Goshen Warriors to check into and stop the common core testing immediately and begin to seek input on common core now before Goshen goes backwards. There are sites that have correct info on Common Core. Schools will not give you answers. You can find info in the Clermont County Tea Party site or the site. Don’t let Goshen begin to crank out canned students who will be confused, profiled, and be behind at least 25 other countries in the world as we are now. India has more honor students than the whole United States has students. Let’s not go backwards with common core. It would be best if Goshen could be independent to create their own competitive teaching programs and tests. You have the staff and teachers to do just that.

Goshen School Board Mtg 12-10-12

The meeting started off with the third graders doing the Pledge of Allegiance. Then each explained the individual projects they brought to the meeting. Each had created a project that involved explaining the history of  Goshen  and some of its famous inhabitants. Community activities for the school kids and their families were discussed. A Goshen teacher named Crystal Mink received congratulations for being the only teacher in the state to win the Milken Award! Wow. Also revisions to the common core standards are being worked on. Weekly web tests will be given and will serve to not only see where each student stands academically but this will also give each some training on computers. On the down side of the SB meeting is the fact that how to achieve strong basics is not being discussed  as a pure goal,  which is something the public is crying for, while each school marches on to the  beat of whatever federal standards they must in order to get a  good government rating and keep the federal money coming. Continue reading

Commentary: Building A Sense Of Community In West Clermont

(Editor’s Note: This is a commentary on West Clermont Schools by community member John McGraw. The piece is published in its entirety, with only two small spelling and formatting changes. If you have an article you wish to publish, please send to

On November 6th, West Clermont voters overwhelmingly voted down the operating levy placed on the ballot by the West Clermont School Board.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. The definition of foolishness is not knowing the definition of insanity. I am very disappointed for the children of the district and for my own kids who attend West Clermont Schools.  Continue reading

Commentary: West Clermont Levy Failure A Failure of Leadership?

(Editor’s Note: This is a commentary on West Clermont Schools by community member Stuart Kennedy. The piece is unedited except for two small spelling changes and has been published in its entirety. If you have an article you wish to publish, send an email to


The West Clermont School Levy failed to pass by a 60/40 vote.  This was no surprise since the prior two 7.9 mill levies also failed by a 60/40 vote.  The school board met the day after the election to discuss their options to handle the over $2,000,000 deficit this school year and the projected $6,000,000 deficit next year. Continue reading

Weighing A School Levy

Burnt out. Tired. Ready to move on. Elections are both the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one. Those that have closure, may move on with the implementation of a plan and will be judged on the results in the future. Those that fail or fall short, can regroup and discover the humility that goes along with not meeting the intended goal. Admit the defeat, but the decision ahead is whether to double down for next time, or to view the results as a turning point. That’s the job of leaders. This editorial in the Columbus Dispatch was published before the election, but it is perhaps more relevant after the fact and deserves a second look. Continue reading

Election Night Is Here

Post your comments regarding the three levies on the ballot: Batavia, Milford and West Clermont. Up or down, keep it on topic and what your thoughts are going forward for these districts. If you researched and voted, awesome. If you didn’t and voted, read up as much as you can the next time around. If you didn’t vote…why?

The summary report from the County should be here, but if not I will update the link.

UPDATE: At 8:51, all three districts are down with less than 1/3 of the votes counted. Milford is closest to passing, at 46-54%.

UPDATE: 9:15, over 50% of precincts reporting, and all three districts are on the wrong end of the vote.

UPDATE: Batavia squeaks by, with just a few dozen votes.  Milford fails by just over 300 votes. WC fails by almost 6000 votes.

Buckeye Institute Weighs In On Levies

Clermont County has three levies on the ballot, all different in size and scope. Milford, Batavia and West Clermont residents have received a lot of information from different sources regarding these ballot initiatives. This brief by Greg Lawson is another piece of information to weigh (or not) while thinking about Ohio Schools and funding problems. Continue reading

New Richmond Is Shrinking

The latest release of the 2012 School Report Cards is not the end of the road, but there are some interesting bits of information to gather from them. There has been debate about the accuracy and overall validity of these measuring sticks at this site, but also from the entity that puts them out. That’s not the focus of this article, as it will be brought up in the near future. Instead it’s the enormous drop in enrollment in New Richmond Schools. Continue reading